Lukas lab is a United Kingdom based medical laboratory, medicine, and pharma raw material business. We focus on Medicine and Research value to provide quality needs.

Welcome To Lukas Lab Limited

Having a new name is just the beginning of our business in U.K.

To deliver value medicines aligned with other services associated in the industry. Our expertise lies in the development of products based on cost competitiveness. The team is a blend of strong intellectual capital and dimension. Our aim is to constantly reduce the burden of the ever-increasing healthcare cost by producing cost effective medicines.


Research Center

Mumbai, India

Lab Technicians

Pool of powerful & Skilled Pharmacists

Low Cost

Our excellence is in low cost research to bring cost effective medicines.


We Are Trusted By World's Leading Companies

Innovation By Design Awards

Our focus on R&D is to provide cost effective therapy through value addition in research. We offer contract manufacturing services(CMS) based on in-house research infrastructure-Kilo Labs, Process optimization lab.